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    Full-automatic dry nitrogen blowing concentrator

    Full-automatic dry nitrogen blowing concentrator

    Product Introduction:

    The full-automatic multi-function dry-type nitrogen blowing instrument is a new type of concentrated and constant volume product jointly developed by our company and Zhejiang University of Technology from the perspectives of convenience,, safety, efficiency and stability of users.  The product gets rid of the malpractice of the sample pollution caused by water bath heating and volatilization in the conventional market, greatly ensuring the safety and accuracy of the sample, and has the characteristics of unattended, accurate constant volume and mass concentration.  It can store multiple groups of data, and realize full-automatic quantitative and batch concentration.   The whole process of concentration is mastered by one hand, making the tedious concentration process flexible, efficient and safe.

    Product Features:

    1.  7” large LCD touch screen control, and can process 1-12 large capacity samples (maximum 200ml) at the same time.
    2. The imported optical sensor is used for precise constant volume, which can reach 0.5ml/1ml/2ml.
    3. 12 independent constant volume regulating devices are used to ensure the constant volume accuracy of different colors of solvents.
    4. When the concentration reaches the preset capacity, the system will automatically stop the nitrogen purging of the corresponding channel and give an alarm all the time.  The alarm function can be selected to be off or on.
    5. Dry heating shall be adopted to prevent the sample from water and gas pollution and ensure the safety and accuracy of the sample.
    6. The heating module is made of pure aviation aluminum, with fast heating speed and good uniformity, and the module can be replaced as you wish.
    7. Independent temperature control and gas control shall be adopted for each path of heated sample to ensure that the sample will not be heated continuously in case the personnel forget to replace it.
    8. Adopt automatic pressure regulating device to ensure the air pressure uniformity of each air circuit.
    9. 12-position independent throttle valve control ensures the air tightness of the gas path. Screw type air needle (replaceable) accelerates the concentration rate and greatly saves nitrogen consumption
    10. Built-in multi-group data storage function, which can view the running data of the machine in time
    Adopt hydraulic double sealing door mirror protection system, and built-in circulating fan system to ensure no volatile leakage.
    Display Mode 7-inch large LCD touch screen 7-inch large LCD touch screen
    Type 3 Types 3 Types
    Numbers of Sample Path 4 Paths 12 Paths
    Processing Capacity (ml) 50/100/150/200 (Optional) 50/100/150/200  (Optional)
    Constant volume spec. (ml) Near to dry/0.5/1/2 (Optional) Near to dry/0.5/1/2 (Optional)
    Timing Function (Min) 0-999 0-999
    Transmittance adjustment 4-path independent control 12-path independent control
    Air pressure MPa) 0-0.8 0-0.8
    Air pressure operation mode 4-path independent control 12-path independent control
    Temperature ℃ Room Temperature - 100℃ Room Temperature - 100℃
    Heating Mode Dry independent control Dry independent control
    Control Accuracy ±1 ±1
    Over-temperature Alarm Yes Yes
    Built-in Suction fan system Yes Yes
    Double seal door system Yes Yes
    Timer Function Yes Yes
    Constant volume prompt switch Yes Yes
    Power Supply 220V 50HZ 220V 50HZ
    Weight (Kg) 10 22
    Dimension (cm) 44*30*24 62*40*33

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