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    Automatic closed-type dry nitrogen blowing concentrator

    Automatic closed-type dry nitrogen blowing concentrator

    Product description:
    Closed automatic nitrogen blower developed by our company and zhejiang university, which is designed upon the requirements in the laboratory, safety and efficiency of users, and convenient stability multiple perspectives to jointly developed. The product designed from the convinient degree of users, security of the sample, designed 50 sections program temperature control, electric lift, transparent window for top and bottom, high degree of sample visualization, high air tightness, multiple sets of data storage function, realized the security and convenience of the whole erichment process, Simply making the tedious process of erichment flexible, easy, efficient and safe.

    Product features:

    1. 7-inch LCD touch screen control, can handle 1-25 large capacity samples at same time
    2. Adopt 5 modes, 50 sections program temperature control, high intelligence
    3. Dry heating is adopted for heating to prevent water and gas contamination of samples and ensure the safety and accuracy of samples
    4. The heating module is made of pure aviation aluminum, with fast heating speed and good uniformity, and the module can be replaced at will
    5. The module is visualized on all sides, and the sample tray adopts drawer type push-pull sampling to observe the liquid level without dead Angle, which is very convenient
    6. The lifting mode of blowing needle adopts two modes: fine-tuning lifting and rapid lifting, without manual lifting
    7. Automatic pressure regulating device is adopted to ensure the air pressure uniformity of each air path
    8. Independent throttle solenoid valve control, to ensure the air tightness, greatly save nitrogen consumption
    9. Built-in multi-group data storage function, which can check the running data of the machine timely
    10. Double sealed door mirror protection system and built-in circulation fan system are adopted to ensure no volatile matter leakage without occupying the ventilation window
    11. The case adopts two observation windows on the front side and top side , and the water tank has a light irradiation function to facilitate the observation of samples

    Model AYAN--DC16G AYAN-DC25G
    Display mode 7-inch LCD touch screen 7-inch LCD touch screen
    Mode 5 5
    Program temperature control 50 sections 50sections
    Sample quantity 16 bit 25 bit
    Model diameter (mm) 16 (optional) 16 (optional)
    Visual sides 4 4
    Timing function(min) 0-999 0-999
    Electrict lift way 2 2
    Air pressure regulator(mpa) 0-0.8 0-0.8
    Pneumatic mode 16-bit independent control 25-bit independent control
    Temperature ℃ Room temperature-100℃ Room temperature-100℃
    Heating method Dry unified control Dry unified control
    Temperature control accuracy ℃ ±1 ±1
    Over temperature alarm Yes Yes
    Internal suction fan system Yes Yes
    Double sealing door system Yes Yes
    Time fuction Yes Yes
    Sampling methods drawer type drawer type
    Power 220V / 50HZ 220V / 50HZ
    Weight(kg) 14 18
    Size(cm) 56*44*60 56*44*60

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