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    Anyan rotary evaporator officially Launched

    Anyan R - series large scale rotary evaporator is mainly used for small scale test, pilot test and production in biological, pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other fields.As with large capacity and large diameter rotary evaporator, the solution can be rapidly diffused and evaporated by placing it in a water bath and rotating and heating it at the same time.And the product is usually equipped with vacuum pump, cooler to form the system device.
    1. Condenser: vertical double condensing tube with large condensing area and high recovery efficiency.Two condenser designs are optional.
    2. Receiving bottle: the design of two vacuum valves does not affect the overall vacuum degree, rapid pressure relief and discharge.Two receiving bottle designs are optional.
    3. Buffer tube: prevent accidental solution from rushing into the receiving bottle.
    4. Check valve: continuous collection, do not affect the vacuum of the system, improve work efficiency.
    5. Electric lifting water/oil bath: SS304 heating bath pot, easy to operate.Bottom with discharge valve.
    6. Quick opening fixture: quick opening fixture, easy installation and disassembly.
    7. Rotary seal: modified tetrafluoride rotary seal (direct contact with the material), with better corrosion resistance.