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    +86 0571-86109097

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    Anyan Instrument Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

    Priority response speed
    24-72 hours priority emergency door-to-door technical support services
    1-2 Hours Priority Telephone Technical Support Service
    Optimum Operation Guarantee
    Annual or semi-annual system health maintenance testing, calibration services to ensure that the best equipment operating status throughout the product life cycle
    Professional authority
    Personalized technical application consulting services provided by professional engineers
    Convenience and reassurance
    A service commitment, enjoy the unlimited reassurance of equipment maintenance, maintenance, worry, reassurance
    A Priority Response Speed--All-round Technical Guarantee
    B Best Operational Guarantee - Annual System Health Maintenance, Inspection, Calibration
    C Senior Professional Service, Authoritative Consulting Training
    D Effective Savings in Equipment Maintenance Costs
    E A service commitment, unlimited reassurance, reassurance, reassurance
    24-hour after-sales service
    Pre-sale: Make an appointment to install the door-to-door service in advance. Professional technicians will be arranged to install the door-to-door service at your convenient time.
    Sales: In the process of installing and debugging instruments, professional and technical personnel will give you free guidance on the use and operation of the equipment.
    After-sales: Within a week, due to any problems left by imperfect service, the company will come to the door free of charge in 48 hours to deal with.